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Quickly capture and share student insights

BrightLoop is a web-based application, accessible on any tablet or computer. A teacher's classroom experience is broken down into three areas on BrightLoop. Collecting and capturing student insights and observations, all organized using a simplified representation of the Common Core. Next teachers can review individual student timelines for the tracking of goals, lessons, notes as well as to create reports for communication with administrators and parents. Finally, teachers can plan their class, group, and individual lessons for each subject and day by dropping in lessons onto a schedule.



Formative Student Assessment


Your data for parent conferences, IEP meetings or teacher evaluations


Personalized lessons with less stress




BrightLoop brings an ease to the classroom

All of your great ideas in one place

You know what your students need if only you could keep track of the student progress you observe and what great personalized lessons you want to do. BrightLoop lets you keep track of your student’s needs, ready when you need them to use for planning and evaluating student progress.

Easily visualize student progress

No longer do you need to stay up all night compiling evidence for parent teacher conferences, IEP meetings or assessing work for progress reports and grading. With BrightLoop it is easy to share student progress and save evidence in multiple files. All the hard work that happens in your classroom, visualized at a moment’s notice.

Quickly identify effective interventions

Tracking interventions, from RTI to general student learning goals can be a challenge in an already busy classroom. With BrightLoop you can quickly see how effective your interventions are and quickly share that feedback with student support teams and parents.

Who We Are

The BrightLoop Story

The national dialogue states that “Education in this country is failing.” Many companies right now are creating tools to change or better a teacher, but at BrightLoop we believe that the solution is not to change the teacher, but to support the teacher in the way they already operate.

As a teacher, Molly knew that she could be a better instructor if she could track of all the great student insights she would see daily, using those insights to cater her instruction to the needs of each student. It was frustrating to know what could be done but lack the tools and time to act on all of it. No teacher stands in front of their students with the intention of failing them, every teacher goes in with the best of intentions. BrightLoop is a tool that helps teachers make those intentions come to life.



Molly Levitt

Former Elementary and Special Ed teacher, NSF Researcher, B.A. Boston College in Elementary Education; Ed.M - Harvard University in Educational Neuroscience.

Product Designer

Marco Morales

Product Designer at edX & Pearson’s Alleyoop, co-founder of Alight learning, and 5 years’ experience in edtech.

Project Manager, Developer

Boris Taratutin

Previously worked at Microsoft, a freelance software consultant for startups in S.F. + Boston, and as a data engineer for Kayak’s $1M/day data pipeline.


Ben Rabidou

Previously worked at a Pearson incubated startup, freelance software developer and over 7 years of expirence developing web apps.




At BrightLoop we believe that each teacher has invaluable knowledge of each student, a deep understanding of how to support them and the motivation to have a deep impact. What they don’t have is enough time or tools to do their job at the highest level possible. What they don’t have is the deep respect they deserve for the incredible work they do. We strive to create technology that empowers teachers. Tools that allow you to share with the incredible work that you. From one teacher to another, we believe that true change starts with supporting educators.



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